Optimise your XML feed content for Jora

This page is intended to provide content guidelines on XML feeds included on Jora.

In order to ensure high quality user experience, the feeds we accept must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. The feed must not contain expired jobs or jobs no longer valid. The expired ads should be removed from the feed entirely as soon as they expire.
  2. The ads must be for genuine open positions. We don’t accept job postings with the primary purpose of collecting information about applicants. We don’t allow job postings that require applicants to provide personal information (e.g. email or phone number) or provide payment to view a job description.
  3. The job apply URL must not have more than 2 redirects. Redirects impact speed and the user experience.
  4. Jobs must have a quality job description. Descriptions must not be extremely short, incomplete, or not descriptive of the role. Job descriptions should never contain obscene, profane, or offensive language and must not be discriminatory or of a scam or spammy nature.
  5. Jobs must include the listed or posted date and an expiry date where possible. For permanently open positions, please discuss it with your Jora account manager.
  6. Jobs must contain the hiring company name.
  7. Job locations must be as granular as possible: preferably a city or suburb location.
  8. Please ensure that the locations of jobs in your feed correlate with the matching Jora board. We have 36 job boards around the globe. If your feed is pointing to multiple countries, please inform your account manager so this is set up to point to multiple boards.
  9. The job apply URL must link to a job description and not navigate the applicant to a search or job listing page.